Vero Beach

Vivacious Vero Beach Pharmacy Offering Same Day Delivery, Free Antibiotics, and Discount Drug Programs.

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Palms sway, guided by gentle breezes, over a stunning and tranquil beach town. The town is bathed in Old World charm, with modern conveniences and vivacious community members, keeping the atmosphere humming and one of the best places to live. This is Vero Beach.
Our community has earned a reputation of keeping with gloried traditions while keeping modern with the latest innovations – all with that Florida-friendly and unique vibe. Royal Care Pharmacy exemplifies these values.

Meet Amir Gad

Pharmacist Amir Gad, Graduated from pharmacy school year 2000, worked for big chains retail pharmacies over 20 years, Top customer service Served treasure coast for over 15 years

What are a few of the top services Royal Care Pharmacy offers Vero Beach?

Same Day Delivery

We are a society that is all about getting things done in a hurry. Instant gratification is often the American way. You’re a very busy individual, so making sure that you set yourself a manageable schedule is helpful – and when you’re offered services that help your efficiency, it’s even better. Royal Care Pharmacy is excited to offer same-day delivery to help you meet that need.

Free Antibiotics

Treating infection is not fun and can be difficult without the use of antibiotics. Unfortunately, many Americans go without treatment due to the rising cost of medicines that can help. Royal Care Pharmacy understands the needs of our community in keeping their medication cost-effective. That’s why we offer many major antibiotics for free – yes, you read that right, free!

Discount Drug Program

Saving you money doesn’t just stop at free antibiotics, diabetes medications, and more. Many common drugs are costly without some help. Royal Care Pharmacy is proud to offer discounts on many common medicines in 30- and 90-day supplies.

Same Day Med Sync

Matters of convenience are essential to our communities. Ensuring that your medications line up and can be picked up or delivered on the same day is integral to meeting this need. Royal Care Pharmacy offers same-day Med sync to help make your life that little bit easier.

Generic Drug Program

Saving money in today’s economy is crucial for members of our community. Many of the common medications that people take can be quickly filled in generic form, saving a lot of money while achieving the same results. Royal Care Pharmacy is excited to offer generic discount drugs.

CBD Products

Ensuring that we are staying on top of the latest trends in health care is vital to Royal Care Pharmacy. That’s why we offer many products infused with CBD to help alleviate everyday aches and pains for our clients.

With Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, vivacious Vero Beach makes up some of the most beautiful places in the state to live – in scenery and people. Royal Care Pharmacy is committed to treating each client like royalty with our stellar customer experience, fast service, and a wide variety of products and services for all your pharmaceutical needs.