CBD Products

Advancements in science often bring us back to nature – and the rise in what CBD can be applied to is tremendous and promising. We are excited to continue this upward trend in offering high-quality CBD products for all your aches, pains, and any other help you may need.

Compliance Pill Packaging

Offering you the top level of service also means offering you the biggest and best conveniences. To partner with our same-day delivery and free antibiotics, Royal Care Pharmacy is thrilled to offer med sync, to make sure all your meds line up for pickup or delivery on the same day; and pill packaging, keeping your daily pills in one easy package so you can take ‘em and (not) forget ‘em.

Covid Testing & Vaccines

Helping people power through a worldwide pandemic is what we are here for. Our friends, family, and community need safe options to receive COVID-19 testing with speedy results and vaccines to help stop the spread – both can be found right here at Royal Care Pharmacy.

Custom Medical Solutions

Our dedicated team is prepared to meet the individual health care needs of our patients! We offer medication flavoring, compounding, and compliance packaging to make various parts of the medication-taking process easier.

Discount Drug Program

Royal Care Pharmacy strives to create offerings that help you be budget-friendly and healthy – you shouldn’t sacrifice one for the other. Our discount drug program offers many brand name and generic drugs at excellent prices for 30- and 90-day supplies – and go one step further in offering competitor price matching.

Free Antibiotics

We aren’t going to ignore the fact that medicines can get pricey – and that may be an understatement. Especially when these medicines are integral in treating infection. Let us go that extra step and treat you to common antibiotics at zero cost to you. Yes, zero.


Your doctor’s office is busy and not the preferable place to be at times today. Especially when you are simply seeking your seasonal flu vaccine or TDAP immunization. Let Royal Care Pharmacy take care of various immunizations in a safe and clean space so you can get on with your day.

Medical Supplies

Besides medications and immunizations, we also offer a wide variety of supplies at our store for your convenience. After surgery, these supplies can also be purchased and delivered along with medications.

Same Day Delivery

Today’s world has become a place that makes getting out of the house difficult at times. More folks are working from home, learning from home, and have such busy lives; getting to the pharmacy can be just too much. So, let us bring the pharmacy to you with our same-day delivery.



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