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Expert Pharmacists offering Same Day Delivery, Free Antibiotics, and Discount Drug Programs in Port St. Lucie, FL.

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From a tiny coastal village to the third-largest city in all South Florida, Port St. Lucie is home to excellent golf courses, world-class outdoor recreation, and the most wonderful residents. Treasure Coast is chock full of unique places to live – and Port St. Lucie is a wonderful gem in this coastal collection. Royal Care Pharmacy is pleased to serve this community with great pride and a helping hand.

Royal Care Pharmacy offers some great services to Port St. Lucie – what are a few?

Same Day Delivery

With services throughout the country like DoorDash, home delivery takes so much stress and worry out of our everyday lives. When we are feeling under the weather, or your schedule has taken a turn for the busy, same-day home delivery of your pharmaceuticals takes on a whole new meaning. Royal Care Pharmacy is pleased to offer this service to all our Port St. Lucie customers.

Free Antibiotics

Have you ever been ill, suffering from an infection – and to add insult to injury, had to suffer through the price tag of your antibiotics to treat it? So have the rest of us. Common antibiotics can get pricey and are necessary to treat what ails us. No one understands that better than Royal Care Pharmacy – that’s why we have committed to offering no-cost antibiotics for our patients.

Discount Drug Program

When it comes to saving money today, consumers look to many different areas where they can cut costs: that morning coffee, that late-night snack, or the expensive cable bill often make the cut. Your prescription medications are not something that is often considered, but maybe they should be. Royal Care Pharmacy has made it a consideration now with our discount drug program.

Medication Compounding

Custom medical solutions: what does that mean to our average client? Probably not a whole lot. But it should. When your child is particularly picky about the flavor of their medication that you need to get into their system or making an ointment out of medicine that is not generally in that form, medication compounding can come in handy. Royal Care Pharmacy is proud to offer this service to our clients to meet their custom needs.

Medical Supply

Injuries happen. When they do, we often require some additional support to our bodies. Unfortunately, things like knee braces and compression socks are often challenging to find in your big box stores. Luckily, Royal Care Pharmacy has a wide variety of medical supplies and more to help our clients’ individual needs.


Your doctor’s office is commonly a hectic place and not one you wish to be at as little as possible. Sometimes, when trying to make an immunization schedule, it isn’t easy to coordinate that with your doctor’s office. Royal care pharmacy offers standard immunizations such as flu shots to help you keep on time.

Royal Care Pharmacy is fortunate to have the fantastic communities of perfect Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, and Vero Beach to serve in a family-friendly atmosphere and personalized service.