Fort Pierce

Dedicated Pharmacists offering Same Day Delivery, Free Antibiotics, and Discount Prescription Drugs in Fort Pierce, Fl.

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As dawn approaches the shores of the Treasure Coast, Sunrise City comes to life with all the charm of a small town, reminiscent of its roots as a fishing village – and the hustle and bustle of a beautiful city of over 45,000 residents. This is Fort Pierce.
Royal Care is proud to contribute to a community like Fort Pierce, a true gem in the Treasure of Florida’s East Coast

What services is Royal Care Pharmacy known for in Fort Pierce?

Same Day Delivery

Sometimes the puzzle pieces of every day just don’t fit together well enough for a trip to the pharmacy. We understand and have found the perfect fitting piece – let us come to you. Our same-day delivery is second to none.

Free Antibiotics

Often the word free is met with a great deal of skepticism. Fear not, friends. We really do mean free antibiotics. The most common antibiotics on the market are here at Royal Care to fight everyday infections – at no additional charge to you.

Discount Drug Program

It’s no secret that medications, even the ones you need for things like diabetes, are expensive, especially at big box pharmacies. Royal Care is committed to breaking the mold for pharmacies without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer your prescriptions at up to 30-80% off, price matching, free diabetes meds, and low-cost generic options.

CBD Products

Innovation is what keeps the pharmaceutical industry motivated and helped you in better ways. Discovering new products in natural remedies that have been around forever is a creative and exciting way to innovate. CBD has been found to help treat anything from your average aches and pains to epilepsy – and new uses are discovered every single day. Royal Care is pleased to offer a growing line of products that embraces this progress.

Covid Testing and Vaccines

A global pandemic was something our regular customers weren’t exactly prepared for. Information about the COVID-19 virus is plentiful but challenging to navigate for finding all the answers. However, deciding to vaccinate and where to do it should be easy – along with testing when needed. Royal Care is here for you.


Immunizations are an essential part of keeping healthy, from brand new entering the world to much later in life. However, it can be challenging to score an appointment at your doctor’s office today to schedule your family’s regular immunizations – at Royal Care, we have you covered from a flu shot to TDAP.
A coast of treasures deserves a city known for the dawning of each new day, just as beautiful and fresh as the one before. Fort Pierce is such a place – and Royal Care Pharmacy is just the family to care for its residents.
Royal Care Pharmacy – we go the extra mile for you.