We get it – when you think of a pharmacy, you are likely imagining one of two pictures in your mind’s eye. One image is of the large stores, where you walk in and are greeted in silence and finding help is almost nonexistent. Or the other is of an old-fashioned small mom-and-pop shop, complete with soda counter and vintage artifacts everywhere.

We may not have the soda counter, but we adhere to the small-town mentality where we are all family and are so happy you joined us. Royal Care Pharmacy is dedicated to changing the face of pharmacies – we are convinced we can continue to innovate and bring about creative, outside-the-box solutions while remembering that we are all in this together.

The question is: how? What brought about the commitment to change? Why did we feel the incredible urge to be something different? And most importantly, what are we doing actually to make it happen?

Humble Beginnings

When your team of experts consists of folks who have decades of experience in pharmacies, you can trust that they understand all the ins and outs of the pharmacy experience. You can also count on the fact that they know all the issues larger chain pharmacies have.

At some point in time, someone who is genuinely dedicated to serving the community members with the best customer experience gets to a place in their minds and hearts where they have to say: we need to do better. Our community deserves better.

And indeed, while they are grateful for the knowledge and experience gained over the years, they are ready to take this wealth of knowledge and apply it to a better way to do business. That’s how the folks over at Royal Care Pharmacy got their start.

Trouble Brewing

What are some of the most common issues that big-box pharmacies have? So what makes a small store pharmacy stand up head and shoulders above its chain competitors? Is it the products or the people – or both?

A misconception we want to clear up right away is price. The assumption is that the smaller stores have to sky-high markup prices to keep competitive, which is simply not true. Our prices for medications are entirely comparable to the bigger stores – and we even offer price matching!

Do you walk into a chain pharmacy and are greeted by the staff by name? Do they ask how the family is? Likely not, no matter how long you’ve been using their services. The feeling of family is the number one reason most pharmacists leave the big stores and create places like Royal Care Pharmacy. The culture of treating all like valued members of a family is one we take pride in cultivating.

Time For a New Reign

When the recognition of creating a different and more intimate experience is fully realized, one can begin to make the changes they want to see. Building a family within our community is something those big box companies can’t do.

Our pharmacists are accessible to you and treat you with the utmost respect and with great care. We believe in personalizing your experience to who you are – not just to the medications you need. Your experiences are as unique as you are, and we are pleased to treat you just like that.

We continue to cultivate these relationships with our clients by offering products and services that reflect our core values and beliefs. For example, same-day delivery gives you the peace of mind to stay home if you are feeling ill, and our top-notch service will make its way to you. In addition, we are happy to sync your meds so they can be picked up or delivered all in one day – and pill packaging so all your daily meds are in one convenient spot.

Innovative Choices

Just because we believe you deserve a small-town pharmacy and honors the value of family and personal experience doesn’t make us old-fashioned and out of date. We believe in the power of innovation and offering creative solutions to your everyday problems.

We understand that we live in days of searching for natural alternatives for your aches and pains. Offering CBD products gives you the opportunity to treat your pains with all-natural solutions without overloading your system with chemicals.

Custom medicine solutions that are customized to who you are and what you need are another way that we show our creative side while keeping only the client’s needs in mind. Of course, your babies’ tastebuds aren’t going to like the taste of gross, yucky (their words, not ours) medicines – so we get creative and offer free flavoring for you.

For the People

There are matters in your medical history that often need discussion with your pharmacist. Many of these matters are personal and private. Having a sterile “relationship” with your chain pharmacy doesn’t offer any comfort in dealing with these issues – and doesn’t help you get the help you need.

Knowing your pharmacist – and more importantly, your pharmacist knowing YOU – helps build a relationship with them on the foundations of trust, professionalism, and personal experience.

Multiple consumer reports continue to provide data every year that points indelibly to small and local pharmacies building better relationships with their clientele than the big box stores can even dream of.

We Are All Royal

As a pharmacy with nothing but our clients and our communities in mind, we are afforded the capability to serve these communities better and more personal. However, we aren’t just pharmacists – we are community members alongside you and seek to honor that relationship. Our community is a place that we are proud to be part of, and it shows in all we do.

Chain pharmacies treat their consumers as just that – consumers. A number without a face, without a life of their own. This is the number one thing that sets us apart: you are a member of our Royal Care Pharmacy family, and your health and wellbeing are our top priority.